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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dan's Drifts

With the change in season, I have been noticing that my hair has suffered.  Lackluster, dry in some spots, oily in others, and flaky by the scalp.  Not an attractive feature for hair that is darker like mine to have flakes!  I never have had problems with this, and I in fact poke fun at others who have a dry, flaky, scalp problem, so to get itchy and notice that I had it myself was mortifying.

I think it's so nasty that I have dubbed dandruff as "dan-drifts" which I started saying originally because I thought dandruff was flaky like snow drifts in your hair.  Anyhow, while it's not something I've ever dealt with, my husband does deal with it and he likes to use Head and Shoulders shampoo.

I was always skeptical and informed my husband if he used high quality hair products in the shower like I did, he wouldn't have that problem.  Our bottle of Head and Shoulders has been in the shower for months, and I wouldn't touch it.

When I noticed my itchy scalp, at first I figured I probably just didn't get all my shampoo out of my hair, and I asked my husband to bend over the tub and help me rinse my hair out to be sure it all got out.  Some of the shampoos that don't lather well are hard to tell with sometimes.  Instead, he insisted that I try his beloved brand.  Itch, itch, itch, and finally I gave in.  But only because there was an effing snow storm happening on my head.  Totes uncool.

I'm not going to lie, I wanted to hate it because it was cheap, and meant for dan-drift which I am disgusted by.  But, God I love it.  This stuff is amazing.  16 hours after my shower and my hair still feels FRESH, clean, moisturized but not oily, and doesn't weigh my strands down at all.  This stuff ROCKS!  My hair is shiny and beautiful, full of body, and more manageable than it has ever been.  No joke. I'm making the switch.

We currently have Head and Shoulders Shampoo and a separate Head and Shoulders conditioner in our shower.  I believe they are in the ball park of $5 each.

I should also mention my husband, who swears by it, has short, thick, curly, and coarse hair and only uses the shampoo.  I have long, insanely thick (in texture and amount) loose waves that I like to wear straight.

And just because I'm that awesome, here's a coupon if you want to try it.

What shampoo do YOU use?

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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