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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beachmint and Jewelmint

Hey all!
Tonight I'm going to brief you on a really neat company that has been coming out with some really interesting monthly club opportunities.  Most people I know have not even heard of these companies yet, but Jess and I are getting really psyched about these companies.  I have purchased a few items from a few of these companies, so will give my honest review on those, and then ask if anyone has feedback on companies I have not yet tried!  Today's post will be on Jewelmint.  Stay tuned for reviews on the other three companies coming soon!

First of all, let's talk about Beachmint.  What is it?  Beachmint is the umbrella company that owns four of-the-month companies:  Jewelmint, Stylemint, Beautymint, and Shoemint.

Jewelmint is a company that launched in October 2010.  It is a fashion e-commerce site.  They brand themselves as a luxury jewelry collection fusing the eclectic tastes of style icon Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter.

I was first drawn to this company after reading it about it shortly after its launch in a magazine article.  I really love jewelry, and especially unique stuff, and I immediately joined.  Membership in the club is free, and each piece of jewelry is $29.99.  You sign up on their website, answer a style questionnaire, enter your billing information, and wait for your "showroom" which is the supposedly hand picked jewelry you will love based upon the style questions you answered.  There is no requirement to purchase every month, and you can cancel or skip the month at any time.  You are not charged at all until you make your first order, and after that point you will be charged monthly unless you choose to opt out.  As long as you remember to skip in the first five days of the month, you won't be charged.  If you forget to skip, you'll be charged a credit which is redeemable for one piece of jewelry.  

I was a member for about a year before I cancelled my membership.  I did like the jewelry quite a bit, but I was always hesitant to spend $30 on a necklace that looked like it could have been from Forever 21.  My advice to you if you join is to join their Facebook page and see what other members have to say about certain pieces of jewelry before deciding to purchase.  Also, find a Groupon or sign up for email coupons from Jewelmint.  First time buying customers ALWAYS get a great deal if they look first.  Groupon frequently has a deal posted that first time members can buy their first piece of jewelry for half price, or you can get two for the price of one.  There are frequently coupon codes out for Jewelmint, and the codes work about 95% of the time people try them.  Another great place to search for good deals is blogs people have who follow Jewelmint. One of the better ones is found here.

One of the best parts about Jewelmint, is that they have videos that go along with every piece of jewelry and you can see how the piece was inspired and what they would style it with.  Some of their choices are a little too runway for me, but I always take those with a grain of salt.  If the website shows me a picture of red leather pants and a sheer black lace top with only a bra underneath, and says that's how they would style the piece, that's obviously not going to fit in with my every day life.  Instead, I would do a fun lace top with jeans and red shoes, or something of the like.  Always take the runway fashion and put a casual spin on it so it fits into your everyday routine.

Now that I've had my membership cancelled for about two months, of course I'm looking at their site and see a ton of cute stuff.  I don't regret quitting, because I've been more into makeup lately than jewelry, but I know at any time I can reactive my membership and make a purchase.  I will review two items I own from their company, and show you a couple more that I think are super fab.

Lunar Blue Necklace

This was my first purchase, and after using a coupon code, was in the $10-15 range.  I was on the fence about this necklace, and finally folded because I wanted to satisfy my curiosity on the quality of the jewelry of this company and what it was like.  I received it in May or June of this year, and I was pretty impressed with the necklace.  It has an extremely solid chain (not sterling- a mixture of other alloys).  I purchased this necklace because it was very unique and interesting.  I really like the necklace,  and I definitely got some use out of it over the summer, but now that I'm looking at it again, I'm sure I could layer it over a sweater, or find another way to style it for this season. 
Eros Earrings featured on Sienna Miller

After being super impressed with the Lunar Blue necklace, I decided to purchase these earrings too.  They are really not that heavy compared to what they looked like.  I thought they looked kind of tribal, and they definitely don't disappoint.  My main gripe, is they give off a clanging sound while you wear them that drives me batty and gives me a headache.  I love the way they look with a sweater and a long black maxi dress in the summer.  I took them on my honeymoon and loved wearing them with my flowy sundresses!

A great way to stay tuned on what's coming out in this company is by looking on their Facebook for some sneak peeks.  Here are a couple pieces I noticed that were coming out soon that I love!  FYI- I've been into really long necklaces with fun charms lately.

Look at all these beauties!  I do love this company and can see rejoining eventually.  My biggest annoyance was that it gave many great deals to people just joining the company but there was no loyalty program at the time that helped repeat customers save a buck.  I feel like if I'm shelling out money for something, I eventually want the company to say "thanks" by sending me a coupon or a little trinket every so often.  It sounds like they've been up and running long enough at this point that they are trying to work little deals like that into their company now.

Anyways, that's my soap box.  I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on Jewelmint, and I'll get back to you with the rest of the companies soon!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

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