InTruBeauty: November 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OPI Muppets Dupes!

Here are some awesome low price tag dupes for the Muppets OPI Collection.

OPI Animal-istic
Description- Bright red with lots of orange flecks.  
Dupe= Sinful Colors in Merlot

OPI Meep-Meep-Meep
Description- Dark fuscia with magenta, pink and gold glitter flecks.
Still Searching.....

Description- Medium cherry red with pinkish shimmer.
Still Searching...

Pepe's Purple Passion
Description- Muted purple/red with shimmer.
Dupe= Milani Nail Lacquer in Black Cherry

Designer, De Better
Description- Silver/champagne foil with a hint of pink glimmer.
Dupe= Orly FX Nail Polish in Rage

Warm & Fozzie
Description- Warm gold-pink-bronze shimmer.
Dupe= Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Shining Moment

Rainbow Connection
Description-Chunky, rainbow glitter
Dupe= Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Frock Star
More Dupes!
Left to Right=
Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the Sky-lie, OPI Rainbow Connection, and Milani Gems

Excuse Moi!
Description- A jelly pink base with rainbow glitter chunks.
Still Searching...

Gone Gonzo!
Description- Bright blue glitter in a clear base.  Looks best when layered over bright nail polish.
Dupe= Wet 'n Wild in Cost is No Issue

Fresh Frog of Bel Air
Description- Bright green glitter in a clear base.
Dupe= Sinful Colors in Call You Later

Divine Swine
Still Searching...

Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!
Description- Varying sizes of red glitter in a clear polish base.  Looks best when layered over other nail polish shades.
Still Searching...

Even though we haven't found all the dupes that are to be had from this line, we are confident we will at some point!  If you have a dupe that you think is pretty close or identical, tell us in the comments section and we will add it to this page.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for many more nail polish dupes.  Have a request?  Leave it in our comments section!!

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica

NewBeauty TestTube Fall 2011

Here's the rundown on the NewBeauty TestTube I received:

Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray $26 FULL SIZE
Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer $79.95 FULL SIZE
Hydroxatone Instant Wrinkle Filler $79.95 FULL SIZE
Kerstin Florian Krauter Fub Balm $32 for 4.5 oz, mine is 1 oz...worth $7.11
Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector $17  FULL SIZE
Lashfood Nano-Peptide, Natural Eyelash Conditioner $95 for .17 fl oz, mine is .05 fl oz...worth $27.94
Kneipp Herbal Bath $19 for 3.4 oz, mine is .68 fl oz...worth $3.80
Ahava Essential Daily Moisturizer $38.50 for 1.7 oz, mine is .51 fl oz...worth $11.55

Total= $253.30

$29.95 a quarter + 8.95 for shipping
8 products, 4 are full size!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

Mesmerized by Milani!

Hello everyone!  I am writing today to share with everyone a new product I just learned about through Emily Eddington's blog.  She is a huge fan of Milani Infinite liquid eyeliner.  I have been scanning all of my local drugstores and I finally found it at the K-mart in La Crosse.  Your town might have it more abundantly, but in our town we have to really search.

It comes in 4 shades:  Eternal, Everlast, Infinite, and Endless.  (Online I am seeing that it also comes in a gold shade called Forever)

I was going to call my post "Eyeliner for less" because at $5.99 each it definitely is, but decided against it.  Here is why:  I love makeup that is high quality, lasts the entire day, and in general would make its way into my daily rotation.  It would be nice if it came at a cheaper price point, but regardless, I want to use something that works, not just something that is a "good value"- which usually means is a good deal for $6.  I want makeup that is a good deal at ANY price point because it is awesome.  This eyeliner definitely surpasses those expectations AND is only $5.99 (possibly cheaper if your drugstore does a BOGO deal)

One thing that I read about these eyeliners, and saw first hand today after buying the whole line, is the consistency makes you think you are going to hate it.  It goes on with the consistency of chocolate syrup- it is slick and takes a long time to dry (30 sec-1 min).

I haven't swatched 'em yet but I did find some great ones online which I will share with you here!

Definitely worth a shot, especially since I used the black one for a Badger game I went to this weekend where I spent 4 hours standing in the rain.  None of my eyeliner moved at all!  Now THAT'S worth cheering for!

Yours in Beauty, Justina

Katy Perry OPI Dupes

I found a dupe, and I liked it.....

OPI's Teenage Dream

Sally Hansen's Strobe Light

China Glaze's Carnival Lights

The verdict?  I haven't found anything perfectly spot on to Teenage Dream...these 2 are close, but I like the original best so far...I'll keep you posted if I do find something perfect!

OPI's The One That Got Away
Haven't found a lower price dupe yet, but I'm sure one is out there...however OPI tends to dupe within their own line (super lame) and there are two colors that seem to match this almost spot on-
Congeniality is My Middle Name
Let Me Entertain You

OPI's Not Like the Movies

Wet 'n Wild in Grey's Anatomy

OPI's Last Friday Night
Sinful Colors Hottie

OPI's Black Shatter

China Glaze Black Mesh

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica

Totes Cute Hair in Under 10 Min- We Swear!

Jessica and I have compiled a bunch of cute hair styles for you along with a quick how to!  Enjoy!

The Heidi
You know...from the movie with Heidi and the Swiss Alps.  Well...maybe you don't and I'm just old, but I love this 'do!
Instructions:  Part hair all the way down the middle (keep it however you want in the front).  Do an inside out french braid, secure with hair ties, and overlap and pin in the back.  One of the most deceivingly easy hairstyles of all time- looks super difficult, but can be accomplished in under 5 minutes if you can braid.

The Crazy Lady
Short hair has a bounce and volume hard to achieve with any other link.  Use a little bit of Samy Instant Styler (found at Walgreens) to achieve this messy curly look.  Use a shot of aerosol hairspray and mess it up and separate some curls with your fingers.

The Band
Hands down, totes mcgoats the easy peasiest way to spruce up your hair ever.  Haven't washed your hair recently?  Wake up 5 minutes before work?  Just want to look stinkin' cute?  Here are the complex directions- Slide headband through hair.  Walk away from mirror.  

The Brooch Bun

Find a cute brooch, 5-6 bobby pins, a hair band, and a can of hairspray.  Secure your hair in a bun at the base of your neck with the hair band.  Work your fingers through your hair easing it all back in a neat and tidy way, not too messy and wild.  Secure hair by putting bobby pins under the lower layer of the hair you pull back lightly spray in place.  Fasten the brooch by weaving the band through the pin in your hair.  Voila!

The LC
 Start with curly hair
 Separate the top third from the rest
 Create two inside out braids going opposite directions, secure with hair bands
 Tuck in the ends with bobby pins.
 Leaving only the top middle section to work with later, bring down the front to the sides, and secure underneath bottom braid on both sides, ensuring that the ends of the tucked in braids are covered.
 Use the middle third of your hair to create a messy bun that covers the part above the top braid.
 Create a little twist in the front of your hair if you so desire.  
 Hairspray in place!
 Now Jessica's pretty and happy!  Seriously took under 10 min- we just got creative and inspired by a Lauren Conrad red carpet hair do.  

The Oinker

Part hair down the middle, and twist hair into cute little buns.  Secure with a hair tie or a few bobby pins.  If you want to pull some hair out in the front to create a side part it'll still look great!  We used a twist.

The Snow White

Curl hair with a medium barrel curling iron, leaving the ends out.  Hairspray in place, and add a sparkly red hair accessory.

The AnnaLynne McCord 

Spray root boost, and mix in some large and small curls by using different sized curling irons.  Hairspray in place. 

Pull the front of your hair out of your face, slap down a cutesy necklace, bobby pin it by your ears so the front of your hair overlaps over where you have pinned the clasp.  I did this on myself the first time while watching TV and not looking in the is that easy for real!

The Twist

I am totally guilty of the trout pout in this picture.  Winning!  I had straightened my hair that day, and I literally parted it in the middle and twisted my bangs back tightly, securing in the back with tiny claw clips.  Could also be achieved by securing with bobby pins.  I took aerosol hairspray about an inch away from the twist and sprayed down the twist so it would be crunchy and stiff...I only did this to ensure my bangs were going nowhere and wouldn't sprout out of the twist on me.  This style took me about one minute total.  And my husband loved it!  Score!

The Messy Bun

I straightened my bangs, and threw my hair up in the back, securing it and making sure it was all off the back of my neck.  Super quick and easy!


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