InTruBeauty: How to Redecorate with Little to No Money!

Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Redecorate with Little to No Money!

Have you ever looked around at your home and just got that urge to do something completely different? It can be a big task to think about redecorating or remodeling an entire room. In this post, I'm sharing with you my top tips on how to change the entire look of a room with little to no money! This will save you time and money which we are all short on and satisfy that urge to decorate and change things up. So keep on reading and learn how to redecorate on a budget.

Here are my top tips:

1. Shower Curtains!
My favorite decorating technique is just to change my bathroom shower curtain. Especially living in an apartment, you are limited in colors and paint you can use, so having some great shower curtains can add some style and life to an otherwise dull bathroom. I have many curtains I switch out depending on the season or just on my mood. I find my best shower curtains at TJ Maxx and Kohls. You can find shower curtains from $10-20 that will change the entire look of a room. I like buying cloth shower curtains because they look more expensive and you can wash them.


These are 2 newer shower curtains I have which added pops of lime green in. I bought a lime green bin and then just moved a green vase I had in my living room into the bathroom. Another great way to incorporate another color into a bathroom is just with small wash clothes that you probably already having laying around. You may have picked up some packs of 10 that you see at Walmart or Target. I like to buy packs with some great colors in them and then I roll them up and place them in a bin like you can see in the corner. This blends in your old color scheme with your new and ties everything together for a very small price tag.

I have accumulated these shower curtains over 10 years, so the cost is very small when spread over the years. Whenever I feel bored with my bathroom, I just drop $15, move some decor around, add a different pop of color, and switch in some of my matching wash cloths.

See above for my 6 curtains that I switch in and out. As you can see, I stick with a general color scheme, for me it is brown and blue. I don't have to have everything matchy matchy, so I like that there are different colors of blues. If your bathroom scheme is red for instance and you buy a blue shower curtain to change up the look of the room, you're going to have to switch out a lot of your decor. If you have a red bathroom, I would pick maybe a brown shower curtain with some red in the design and maybe for your pop of color add in some golds.

2. Pick up an unfurnished piece of furniture, paint it, and decorate it

I picked up an unfinished nightstand at Fleet Farm years and years ago. This means that the piece of furniture is built, but there is no finish on it. I found the perfect green paint to match my bedroom and finally found the perfect drawer pulls. Drawer pulls are also a great way to easily change the look of a piece of furniture for cheap. I found mine at TJ Maxx for around $12 I believe. You can go to any hardware or decorating store and they will likely have knobs. They are usually a few dollars a piece which isn't much to pay to change the entire look of a piece of furniture.


3. Pillows!!!
Pillows are a great way to change the look of a room. Again, I have acquired these pillows over years. Pillows can be expensive at $20+ per pillow. Walmart has had a great line of pillows in the recent year that are stylish and yet very affordable. I always search the clearance racks or TJ Maxx for pillows and will not pay more than $10 for a pillow. As you can see, I stay with the same color scheme. I would say keep 2-3 main colors so you can easily mix and match and coordinate different rooms. Mine are plum/purple, brown, and a teal blue. These bright yellow pillows I got at Target because I'm sure not many people are in the market for bright yellow pillows, however, I made these work with the blue/plum/brown color scheme I already had going and I think I got these for less than $5 a piece which is a steal.

Actually pulling out all your pillows and putting them in one large pile is a great way to get started. First of all, it will create some color combinations you may not have thought of. Again, I don't like things to be perfectly matched and so I like mixing and matching different shades of blues, etc. Look down at your pile of pillows, pick up some and put them in a room that they were not in to begin with. You can completely change the look of your bedroom, guest bedroom, and living room merely by switching some pillows around. 

When incorporating another color into your already existing color scheme, I like to put one to two other items in that room to pull together the other color. I didn't have anything yellow in my living room until I bought these bright yellow pillow, so I added a yellow candle to tie the colors together into the room. This also tied in the yellow centers to some flower pictures I have hanging on my wall.

Notice the yellow candle in the corner cubby in the photo above! 

Above: This is before any decorations (obviously!)

See how adding a pop of yellow can change the look of the room? And again, the pillows together were probably $10. Don't be scared to experiment with color!

4. Pull out your old decorations, move decor around
I do the same thing with my pillows that I do with my decorations. Pull photos, vases, throws, knick knacks, wall hangings from their spot, put them on the floor in an open space, take a good look at them and start having fun putting them in new places. Whatever is left that I don't have a place for, I put in my storage closet. In 6 months, you can pull those out again and it will be like finding new decorations. This costs no $ and you can focus on 2 rooms so you don't get too overwhelmed at first. Actually a lot of my living room and bathroom decor is interchangeable, so sometimes I will just focus on those two rooms. 

Another great way to change a room is to buy a new throw or to switch a throw that may be in your bedroom to the living room and drape it to the arm of a couch for a new pop of color. 

5. Antiques!
I love antique shopping and usually limit my budget to $5-$10 per item. I have found many unique items at antique shops and you can really have fun experimenting with these. I have many many antique scores, but here is one my uniquest finds and a demonstration of 2 different ways I have used this. 

(see also tip #7 regarding the stick on wall art here)

6. Change your comforter! 
Okay, last tip ladies (and possibly any gentlemen followers). Yes, a new comforter can be expensive, however, you can find a lot of great comforters on clearance or at TJ Maxx. Both of these were from a family member, so I didn't actually pay for either. When I had a smaller sized bed (I have a king size now), I would just use duvet covers from IKEA. They are a really great inexpensive way to change the look of your room and is easier to wash than an entire comforter. 

7. Stick on Wall Art 
Stick on wall art can be an easy and affordable way to spice up any room. If you live in an apartment where you can't paint, you will especially love adding some designs and colors. These are usually removable and reusable. You can also place this on furniture pieces. This is a great way to add some artistic expression into your home without having to paint or create anything yourself! You can find ones like the ones below that come in several smaller pieces so you can use and reuse these in many different ways.

Here is your bonus tip: Make something!!!! I had this huge cork board that my friend gave to me. I loved loved the gold frame but wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but I knew I wanted to showcase it. Then looking at all my Christmas cards (this was last year), I realized I could use this as a card holder. I put pretty Christmas scrapbook paper on the back and secured it with a tack and then decoratively added the cards and some fun little stick ons! This is a low cost way to create a new showcase for your room! 

You can also search for old discarded furniture and revamp it. Spray paint is your best friend! I have this coffee table that I found abandoned in the basement of one of my college apartments. It has been spray painted different colors over the years. Again, I took scrapbook paper and decoupaged it onto the top of the table. I then picked out some of my favorite travel pictures and decoupaged them onto the table as well. This has held up well through the years and any wear on it just adds to the look of the table. I've also bought photography books from stores like Half Priced Books or other used book stores and used some of the pictures in those books in my crafts, artwork, or picture frames. You can find some really beautiful and unique pictures that you can use in your own place from old books. 

What is your favorite cheap redesign tip? 

Yours in Beauty (and Design), 

Jessica :)


  1. PS Jessica...I didn't GIVE you the bulletin's on extended loan from the bead for life party :-) haha don't get toooo attached. Although you don't really see me running over to come and get it either lol

  2. When its coming up on a year of me having it at my apartment, I think it has made the cross over from storing to gifting. :)

  3. Wow you have such a big house,so lucky! very nice decorating. I live in a studio beach cottage, not much I can change but I add and change pillows and throw blankets. My couch has to be in front of my bed and I have room for only 2 chairs and a dresser. Its hard to decorate in smaller spaces.



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