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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask & Norwax Body Pack

Whenever a product claims to magically erase blackheads, I'm always very leery. There are no magic immediate result products; however, this is a really great product. It is around the $5-$10 range which is a great value for the quality of the product and the size, 5oz. I'm always drawn to any product that claims to fight pesky blackheads.

Here is what the product claims to do:

Salicylic acid acne medication. Draws out trapped dirt & oil. Loosens blackheads. Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask draws out dirt and oil to help keep your skin thoroughly clean. Immediately after applying, you will feel a cool tingle telling you that it has started working. After 5 minutes, simply rinse off for skin that is clean and fresh. Helps prevent future blackheads from forming.

After using this product a couple times a week for a few months, I did seem to notice a difference in the appearance of blackheads and the formation of new ones. Any mask isn't going to magically erase your blackheads. I do recommend pore strips for the actual removal of blackheads. This is a product I highly recommend.

Also, it has a great light fresh scent and goes on nicely. This is a mask you will like putting on. As it dries, it feels great and is a little tingly and again fresh scented. You leave this on for 5 minutes and then wash off. It feels great when putting it on and as it is drying and when removing it. Basically, this is my favorite mask right now & has been for awhile. I do put moisturizer on afterwards, but this isn't a mask that will leave your face feeling too dry.

Sometimes I tend to be a little sporadic in my skincare "routine" when a product's instructions are to use it regularly. If I don't see results soon enough, I often forget about the product. If your not using a product as often as directed you may not be reaping the benefits. This is a product I reached for a couple times a week without fail. Actually I couldn't find it when my bathroom closet was messy and I had a very panicked and sad moment. This is a product that will easily make itself into your skincare routine and won't end up being one of those sitting on the shelf that you have forgotten about.

Another spot treatment that I have started using lately but am liking is AcneFree University Medical Terminator 10 Medicated Spot Treatment. This is a great spot treatment product and I apply a dab on any pimples and also on the sides of my nose and chin where I have the most blackheads. I will be reviewing this at a later date in a product comparison to Clean & Clear and Neutrogena spot treatments so stay tuned!

The facial cloths I use are Norwax Microfiber cloths. I always use one of these to wash off the Clean and Clear Mask and to wash off a Avani Mud Mask I have (the mud can leave some staining behind though). A pack of 3 is around $20. You can find these from direct sales people/Norwax parties or some online stores. You may recognize this name as cloths known for their great household cleansing properties.

Here is the product description:

Great antibac cloths for removing makeup, regular facial cleansing, exfoliating or in the shower! Package of three cloths.

These are great face &  body wash cloths. I tend to reach for them more when my face is breaking out because my face does feel much cleaner and squeakier afterwards. These typically come with a warranty too. Norwax towels and products have a great reputation.

What I'm trying:

Product Description:
Frutique Apple Night-Restore Creme is a night renewal moisturizer that helps all skin types repair its appearance and recover from daytime damage. It is suppose to leave skin soft, smooth, and younger; diminish the appearance of fine lines; nourish the skin, and is enhanced with apple extract (yum!) $12.99 ($11.79 with Sally's Card), 9.6oz

I recently picked up a few samples of Frutique Apple Night Restore Cream at Sally's Beauty. There were some free samples along with $3 off coupons for this brand, so I swiped a couple...or four!!! :) So far, the best thing about this product is the scent. It is yummy! I don't know if spending $10 on a product for scent alone is worth it though. I also love the packaging and am a sucker for cute packaging. So, if Sally's has this on sale and I use my coupon, I will definitely consider purchasing to do a more extensive review. So far, I think on the hydrating side it has much to be desired. I had to put some Lancome face product ontop of this on my dryer areas. I do have skin that tends to be on the drier side though, so maybe this product will work for you if you're looking for a lighter moisturizer. I will let you know any updated opinions.

 Scent: A+       Packaging: A        Moisture: B (I would categorize this as a light moisturizer)

This was given 5 of 5 stars based on 4 reviews on Sally's Beauty website. With my $3 off coupon which they had at the desk at Sally's Beauty, I will probably end up purchasing a full size of something in this line.

I also have a sample of the Citrus Brightening Creme in this line and am excited to try this (4.5 stars, 5 reviews). Other products include Peach Smoothing Creme (3 stars, 2 reviews), Mandarin Anti Puff Eye Roller (5 stars, 2 reviews), Purifying Berry Gel Cleanser (4.25 stars, 4 reviews), Papaya Exfoliating Gel (4 stars, 15 reviews), Nectar Nourishing Mask, and Harvest Grape Firming Creme (4.5 stars, 6 reviews).

I always look up a product on my smartphone before buying it and don't purchase many products that don't have a minimum of 4 stars. Skin care reviews can be a little touchy since everyone has such different qualities to their skin that not everything will be a home run for everyone. I like to see at least 5 reviews of a product before I will put much weight in the overall stars. However, this brand seems to be off to a great start. Check back later for a more extensive review after my inevitable purchase :)

What is the #1 skin care beauty "product" that costs the least amount of $?

       WATER!!!!! Drinks lots and lots of water, especially starting out your day with a large glass. This is  
        the best thing you can do for your skin. #2 I would say is Vitamin E caplets (especially for scars).

Thanks for reading!

Yours in Beauty,


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