InTruBeauty: BRIGHT Pink Lips: Lancome Electric Pink. One of a kind or can you get this look for less??

Friday, October 28, 2011

BRIGHT Pink Lips: Lancome Electric Pink. One of a kind or can you get this look for less??

Victoria's Secret Hot Pink (center)                                    Lancome Color Fever Electric Pink
$5-6 range.                                                                      $26.50

These look like color dupes, but...

Left- Lancome, Right, Victoria's Secret

Notice that they look like exact dupes, but it could not be any more different.  This is why SOMETIMES high end is worth the extra cash.  Watch our vlog above for our attempt to recreate this look.  Although sometimes it's not possible to completely duplicate the same exact color, you can often have a similar look. I would describe both of our looks as a "hot pink" however, in the vlog you can see that they are not exactly alike when we tried to recreate with Sinful Colors lip gloss (Walgreens).  

NYC 405 Blue Rose is a very similar color. If you add some high sheen gloss with glitter, you may be able to get a similar look. I got similar to the Lancome, but not to dupe status with this NYC fave of mine. 

Top to Bottom: 1) Sinful Colors extra shiny lipgloss, $2.99 at Walgreens, 2) Lancome La Laque Fever in Electric Pink, 3) NYC in 405 Blue Rose. Sinful Colors is shockingly pigmented for $2.99. Although not a color doupe, this will get you the closest to the Lancome look which is $26.50. The Lancome is an amazing color with pink glitter details. Hard Candy has a product called Show Girl's Secret, Glitter Glue. I haven't tried it, but maybe some pink glitter with this sinful gloss would be the best match. Sinful smells amazing too!

Lancome is going to have the most staying power. This is the one I was wearing and Justina was wearing the Sinful Colors. Throughout the night, my color did not budge, but the brightness to her pink did not seem to stay as well. 

So what is the verdict? One of a kind or can it be recreated for less? 

One of a kind!!!! You can recreate a bright pink lip with the NYC or Sinful above, however, this exact look is truly one of a kind. It is amazing.

Another reason to try before you buy!  Check out our Shopping Secrets Part vlog for more awesome tips to help guide your shopping choices.

Yours in Beauty, Justina and Jessica.

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