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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Berry-licious swatches!

Hello everyone!

My very naughty dog just knocked over all of my lipsticks that were sitting in perfect order waiting for me to show you!  I swatched berry shades on my hand.  I'm actually thrilled to announce that I don't think any of my lipsticks are dupes for each other!  That means I not been wasting money buying duplicates of the same products.  Also- many of my lipsticks came in a free gift with purchase, meaning I already needed something like powder, and I spent enough money to qualify for a free sample of products.

Goodness!  I have gotten exactly this far in my blog and my dog has knocked over all my lipsticks exactly three times!  That rascal.  Here's a picture of Ruckus. You can't tell in this pic, but he just went through the garbage while I was doing swatches and has something on his head.  I can't clean it up til I finish this blog or I'll ruin my hand!

Ok, so here are the swatches:

Which 2 cost me under $2? 

Not gonna lie, I SO want to post which color is which, but 2 of these gorgeous shades are actually Wet'n'wild lipsticks which I love! The first person to guess the 2 Wet'n'wild shades (you have to get them both right) gets a prize. That's right, a prize!

I'll give you a hint, the rest of them are Lancome, Mary Kay, Clinique, and Estee Lauder, so if you have any of those brands at home, swatch them and see if you can find me out. If you are swatching, please send us the pictures so we can post!

Love and doggie baths for my naughty boy,

Yours in Beauty, Justina

He SO knows he's in trouble.

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