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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be Beautiful for 99 cents!

Spending major bucks on makeup doesn't always ensure quality or that you're even going to love the product. Many drug store lines have been offering a lot of great options for 99 cents. At first I wondered how anything could be any good for that cheap, especially makeup. However, I stumbled upon this Profusion eyeshadow palette at Walgreens for .99 cents for 12 shadows. I was stunned as I swatched the colors to find that they are really highly pigmented, blend easily, and are creamy. There are a couple colors that are near dupes of each other in this palette, but who cares for 99 cents for 12 shadows! There are two silvers that look almost the same color and two maroonish browns that are very similar. This palette was #3 and I will be heading back to buy the others. Warning there were other glittery palettes and I steered away from those. They looked really cheap and like they would have chunky cakes of glitter in them. But I haven't tried them. I like to get shimmer and glow more from a great color than from glitter! (it does indicate it was Made in China for those of you that are sensitive to that).

Great lipsticks for .99 cents!
These are both wet n wild. They go on creamy and feel great on the lip. They can be worn without anything underneath or on top. These are really beautiful colors. The colors of these are 1) 552A 2) 502A and You can see from the swatches just how vibrant these colors are. I have light to medium skin tone and both of these colors look great on me and I think they would look great on most people, especially the swatch on the right 502A, the left swatch is a little bit darker and you may have to have some previous experience wearing reds to feel like you can pull this one off.

Wet N Wild .99 cent lipstick Left is 520E, Right is 519A. Similar colors, but 519A has a little more red to it. I love love love these colors.The picture of me is with 520E, the pinker shade on. Its really really vibrant in person. This picture doesn't do it justice.  You can wear them completely alone and they do not smudge and are surprisingly long lasting for the price!
I will probably end up buying the entire .99 cents Wet N Wild lipstick line (I have 4 already), thats how much I love them. Although I must admit, I'm not someone who would spend a ton on lipstick anyways. My major weakness is eyeshadows, highlighters, and basically any product that says it will make my skin look brighter and healthier!

And if you're looking for a really daring bright pink, check out NYC #405 Blue Rose. This is a stunning bright pink. I love how it looks on and feels on. I usually pair this with a more neutral eye makeup look because you don't want to look like you are wearing too much makeup or too bright of a look. I usually pick one bright color and then dial down the rest of my outfit. Usually I pick one crazy necklace, scarf, shoes, or a bright lip stick with this and pair it with neutrals or solid colored clothes. You want to make a fashion statement, but not become a fashion nightmare.

This one is not a .99 cent lipstick, I can't remember how much I bought for it, but it is in the $2 range, but I did have a $1 off coupon and so I know I ended up getting it for under a dollar.
Another great staple for your skin care is Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar. Target recently had $1 off coupons on their website and if you sign up the Neutrogena website, they will send you other coupons. After coupon, I had a great face wash bar that ended up being 77 cents at Target. This is a wonderful staple to have in your shower that is not going to cost a lot. This is great for sensitive skin while leaving your skin feeling moisturized and clean.

So keep your eye out for 99 cent deals. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are getting a low quality product.

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  1. - so, i was just curious. i wanna use a face wash.. but everytime i do, i feel that my skin breaks out way more, while im using it than it does when i dont. & i love the feeling when i wash my face! any tips? you can email me at i also made the comment about the eyebrows & filling them in!

  2. Hello! Thanks for your comment. I think face wash is definitely a must, especially if you are wearing makeup, so good for you for wanting to use one. If you are breaking out from face wash, it sounds like you have pretty sensitive skin. I would try Clinique's facial soap mild formula to wash your face and every couple days exfoliate with their 7 day scrub cream. It's a mild exfoliator that is gentle enough to be used every day, but if you are breaking out I would ease into it before using it every day.

    The drugstore also has lots of nice options! Clean and Clear has a bunch of really great options. I haven't tried them all, but most of their products have a small amount of salicylic acid, which helps fight acne.

    Also, don't wash your face TOO much. I wash my face at night only, because I want to take my makeup off before going to bed. In the morning, my face is ready to go! If I want to refresh, I use some Boots Original Beauty Formula Damask Rose Skin Tonic. You can purchase this brand at your local Target. And in the winter, don't forget to wash your face AND neck. I tend to use bronzer on my neck area this time of year so my bronzer looks a little more natural. You have to remember to wash that off too!

    Hope this helps!

  3. I would suggest Clean & Clear Morning Burst facial cleanser which is oil free and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, but isn't targeted for acne, so it is really gentle. Have you tried it yet? It is one of my favorites.

    Otherwise I would suggest Neutrogena naturals line or the good old standby, the face bar.


  4. Re face wash, I stopped using them as my Dermo Dr. said they are to drying over time. I bought the Lavender Neutrogena facial wipes which also double as a make up remover. Look for them on sale as they are 8.00 a pack.

    I love wet and wild. My Mom used all their make up and she always looked amazing. ALso NYC is a dollar brand that is really good.

  5. This might be the best blog post EVER. These are GREAT deals & you've inspired me to RUN to my nearest drugstore for some fantastic - and affordable - finds!



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